Any bespoke orders placed with Arnavaz Lindsay Couture is between you (the client) and Arnavaz Lindsay Couture (Arnavaz Lindsay) who is based in Brisbane Qld, Australia.

Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully prior to proceeding with any bespoke order placed with Arnavaz Lindsay.

By placing a bespoke order with Arnavaz Lindsay you are automatically declaring that you have read, understood and agree to the Terms and Conditions listed below. 

Arnavaz Lindsay reserves the right to change any of these Terms and Conditions at any time. 


The initial quote given to the client is based on the information the client has provided at the very first consultation with Arnavaz Lindsay. The quote given to the customer is based on numerous factors including complexity of design, time factor, material costs and of course labour cost. The fee includes the following:

  • Material/Fabrication
  • Embellishment
  • Labour
  • Pattern Making
  • Garment Construction
  • A beautifully hand drawn illustration of your personalised design
  • At least two fittings - depending on complexity and location of client
  • Sourcing of materials/fabric
  • Individual measurements taken if required

At the initial consultation an outline of the customers bespoke order shall be documented and e-mailed to the customer. Please read, sign and send back to Arnavaz Lindsay Couture within 30 days. Design shall not proceed until this document is signed and received by Arnavaz Lindsay

The initial quote is only valid for 30 days. The quote is subject to change after this time frame. 

It is out of Arnavaz Lindsay's control if materials, supplies and embellishments are no longer available with a particular supplier. In this situation, a substitute material will be sourced and will be approved by the client before Arnavaz Lindsay proceeds to order. If the substitute material is a lot more in price than the original material, the customer will be required to cover this extra cost prior to Arnavaz Lindsay ordering.


Please note that the bespoke design process shall not proceed until 50% deposit of the quote has been received by Arnavaz Lindsay.  The bespoke order will only be handed over once fully completed and the remaining 50% of the order is paid in full. 

The 50% deposit is non-refundable should a cancellation occur

Overdue payments shall incur a penalty fee of 5% for every day over the due by date.

Any deposits forfeited cannot be counted as a 'credit' towards future orders.

Any payments made after the 50% deposit can potentially be refunded minus any labour costs that have already been carried out or any costs that have been incurred to cover fabric/material expenses.

If you make an order cancellation after the full order has been completed, absolutely no refund will take place.

If a payment plan is required please discuss this personally with Arnavaz Lindsay. Instalment dates shall be set between the client and Arnavaz Lindsay. The client must ensure they pay promptly on or before each instalment date agreed to. For any overdue payments, clients shall incur a penalty fee of 5% for every day over the due by date. 

If you decide to pay by internet banking on the due date please send a receipt photo of the bank transfer to design@arnavazlindsay.com.au


Should a client at anytime make dramatic or numerous changes to the design discussed at the initial design consultation, please be aware that this could affect the initial quote/fee.

Should you have any concerns during the design process with fit, design, construction, fabrication choice etc, please address this with Arnavaz Lindsay as soon as possible. Once the order has been completed it will be deemed that the order fulfils the contract if nothing has been mentioned during the process. After the order is complete, it will be at the client's expense if they then raise any concerns that could have been raised earlier in the process. This will be treated as an additional expense on top of the original order fee. 

Please consider the time factor of these bespoke pieces. Within reason, each client will be given a max of two changes to their bespoke order. Should any of these changes be quite involved or a dramatic change to what was originally discussed and agreed to in the original consultation, these changes will be at the expense of the client. 


When placing an order with Arnavaz Lindsay please allow enough time for the design process. Think ahead and set yourself a date way before you actually require the bespoke piece. Arnavaz Lindsay is in no way responsible to meet a deadline if payments of the bespoke piece/s has not been partly or fully made. 

The bespoke piece/s shall not be handed over to the client until the remaining balance has been fully paid for one week prior to your bespoke piece being ready. Your order shall be held by Arnavaz Lindsay until the order balance has been fully paid for. 

Depending on the complexity of the client's order, Arnavaz Lindsay requires at least 8-12 weeks. The time frame will be discussed with the client in the first consultation. 

If the client requests any major design changes during the design process after the due by date has been discussed and set, please be aware that this may set back the due by date depending on the complexity of the design change/s requested. 

Arnavaz Lindsay Couture reserves the right to decline a project if the due by date given by the client is unreasonable or unachievable. Once the due by date has been agreed to by Arnavaz Lindsay and the client, it is not the responsibility of Arnavaz Lindsay to produce the bespoke piece/s any sooner than this date if the client changes their mind. 


For first consultation please bring along any visual references or inspiration that you feel will contribute to the overall concept that we will be discussing. 

Arnavaz Lindsay Couture has numerous bespoke orders going on at one given time. Please note that time is precious, so if you have booked a fitting or a consultation appointment please ensure you show. Missed appointments or late notice cancellations shall incur a fee of $25. If you need to cancel an appointment, Arnavaz Lindsay Couture requires up to 48 hours notice. Failing to do so you will incur a fee of $25. 

If the client requires Arnavaz Lindsay to take their individual body measurements, please note that to get accurate readings of body measurements it is ideal for a client to be in their undergarments. If this is not possible or the client does not feel comfortable doing so, the client is required to wear close fitting clothing such as leggings and a tank top/leotard. 

At all fittings including taking individual body measurements, the client is required to bring along the actual shoes that will be worn with the final bespoke piece. If the actual shoes are not available, a shoe that is close to the height of what will be worn with the final bespoke piece is required. 

All appointments are held at Arnavaz Lindsay Couture design studio at either Taringa or Ashgrove in Brisbane Qld


As apart of the design process, Arnavaz Lindsay supplies a individual body measuring service. If you do not require Arnavaz Lindsay to measure you or you want to supply your own measurements, Arnavaz Lindsay takes no responsibility if these measurements are incorrect. For those clients who do take their own measurements please take them over your undergarments for accuracy. 

Please inform us at the time of consultation if you plan weight loss, weight gain or pregnancy.

If there are any significant weight loss or weight gain during the course of the construction process, an additional fee will be charged for every time an adjustment to the fitting needs to be made. 


Please note, that if a customer wishes to source their own fabric, Arnavaz Lindsay Couture has the right to turn down the order if they feel the fabric is not suitable for the kind of garment the client is ordering. Arnavaz Lindsay Couture is a design business and reserves the right to protect its own name should they feel the fabric would produce a poor design result.  

Please provide Aranvaz Lindsay with a collection of visual references that will assist us in the design process of your unique creation. Please note, at not stage of the design process shall we replicate or copy another designer's work. Visual references at Arnavaz Lindsay are only used as a visual guide and to ensure that we are on the same page as the client. Arnavaz Lindsay is a trained fashion/costume designer, pattern-maker and dressmaker. The process is a collaboration between both Arnavaz Lindsay and the client. At the end of the day, the name attached to this bespoke piece is that of Arnavaz Lindsay Couture. We are not a dressmaking business and we will not copy exactly the pictures you give us. We take pride in our work. When you book with Arnavaz Lindsay Couture, you are trusting us with your vision, and we work hard to make this a reality for you. 

During the design process, Arnavaz Lindsay will provide valid feedback as to what will look the absolute best on your shape, size and body type. If at any stage there are design decisions made by the customer that Arnavaz Lindsay feels does not do the garment justice, Arnavaz Lindsay reserves the right to refuse to take on the design decision. How you wear a garment or how you feel in a garment greatly affects the appearance of the the garment. We have a high standard of quality at Arnavaz Lindsay and this is important to us to maintain this when our name is attached. 


All material on this site is copyright by Arnavaz Lindsay Couture. If you wish to use any of the images or material on this website, you must receive permission from Arnavaz Lindsay Couture first.