Prices can vary dramatically when it comes to a bespoke costume, gown or headpiece.  A lot of labour of love is put into these individual creations. Numerous factors are taken into consideration to arrive at the quote for your custom made piece. The amount of detail, cost of materials, complexity of design and how much labour time is involved, are all factors that help us determine how much your bespoke piece will be. Remember these pieces are tailored specifically to your individual body shape and size. Everything is apart of the cost of having something made especially for you. Please watch this space for price guides. 


(The services listed above include the following in the cost):

  • A quality bespoke costume, gown, headdress designed and made by Arnavaz Lindsay
  • A beautiful illustration of your creation
  • Sourcing and purchasing of materials and supplies
  • A custom made pattern that is drafted specifically to your measurements
  • A toile (a mock up) if required and if time permits
  • Construction and labour time of costume, gown and/or headdress
  • Fitting appointments if required
  • Your individual measurements taken if required