Arnavaz offers a bespoke costume service where she works closely with the client to achieve the desired look. All costumes are designed and made by Arnavaz Lindsay. Please note that these costumes are of a high quality and are crafted specifically to the individual's needs. 

Often a costume may be required for solo performers such as burlesque, showgirls, boylesque and drag queens. However, Arnavaz also designs and creates costumes for other industries including theatre, ballet, film, TV and music clips. 

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Glamourous gowns fit for a queen! If you require a specific gown, suit or outfit for a special occasion, but cannot find it anywhere, Arnavaz can transform your fantasy into a reality. All bespoke couture designed and made by Arnavaz Lindsay, tailored to your needs with beautiful couture finishings and immaculate attention to detail. 

Couture is perfect for those events where you need to shine and look your best whether that be bridal, races, red carpet, high tea, pageants, glamour or pin-up comps or any other special events. 

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Whether it be an under-bust, over-bust, tight lacing or fashion corset, Arnavaz Lindsay has all the skills of the trade to make your waist look spectacular. 

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Arnavaz Lindsay learnt the art of millinery when studying at Melbourne School of Fashion in 2010. She fell in love with the technique of creating sculptural art that perches on top of the head. 

Each bespoke headpiece, hat or headdress is crafted and blocked by Arnavaz Lindsay. Blocking is a millinery process, where a flat piece of material is shaped by moulding it on a wooden hat block. This process is a dying art form and one that takes time and patience. 

Many occasions these days require millinery or headwear. Whether is be for the races, high tea, special occasions, weddings, theatre or film, or if you are just wanting something different for a day out. Arnavaz Lindsay also specialises in showgirl headdresses for both burlesque and showgirl performers, which are a real crowd pleaser. 

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What The Costs Cover:
(The services listed above include the following in the cost):

  • A quality bespoke costume, gown, headdress designed and made by Arnavaz Lindsay
  • A beautiful illustration of your creation
  • Sourcing and purchasing of materials and supplies
  • A custom made pattern that is drafted specifically to your measurements
  • A toile (a mock up) if required and if time permits
  • Construction and labour time of costume, gown and/or headdress
  • Fitting appointments if required